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Ananka Group is an exclusive brand name for High Precision Build Fasteners in High Tensile, High-Performance Alloys, Rare Exotic Alloys, Marine Alloys, and ASTM / ASME Fasteners. The Brand is owned and operated by the Entity "Ananka Group," "Ananka Group as a Brand."

Ananka Group aspires to be the best Fastener Manufacturer in the world, offering the most diverse product categories and material alternatives while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Including various third parties, which comprise the supply chain, has caused a slight setback in today's high-end and widespread trading network. This adds a layer of complexity and ambiguity to the product's and need's understanding. However, we attempt to address the situation by providing much-needed technical information to all parties engaged in the supply chain and providing support and consulting until the product reaches the end user's hands.

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1Customer Service
Keeping efficient and friendly customer service as a top priority allows for maximum flexibility in meeting each and every customer requirement, regardless of order size. The majority of our customers have been doing business with us for years, indicating high levels of customer satisfaction. We constantly welcome any questions or suggestions from our customers in order to improve our services and so better serve them.
We assist client in developing their energy resources by bringing world-class competence to their doorstep. We encourage business arrangements that are tailored to the needs of our clients, allowing us to provide greater value to them while boosting the returns on our most valuable asset - our people.
3Our Mission
As a consequence of providing technically sound solutions and adding value in a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, we have become a preferred manufacturer in the fastener business.